Fix First. Sell for More. Pay at Closing.

REfresh is the pre-sale home improvement company that completes pre-listing updates quickly and without the hassle, stress, or upfront costs of working with a traditional home improvement company.

With REfresh, your home will be transformed into the move-in-ready home buyers are looking for, and you don’t pay anything until your home sells! On average, homeowners attain an average ROI of 340% by making pre-listing updates with REfresh.

Dutch Colonial Revival House
REfresh Before-After

why REfresh?

Leave the Closing Table with More Money

Homes that are outdated or in need of repair attract low-ball offers and can sit on the market. Instead of eliminating potential buyers or selling cheap, let REfresh help! Our pre-listing updates are designed to appeal to buyers, increase sale price, and maximize net proceeds.

Avoid the Stress of Typical Home Improvement

REfresh’s turnkey updates are easy and painless for everyone involved. Your REfresh Project Manager will oversee the work, so you won’t need to lift a finger - and, of course, you won’t pay a dime until closing.

Renovate in 50% less time than the Industry Standard

Due to technology and national partnerships with suppliers nationwide, REfresh provides estimates quickly, condenses timelines, and finishes on time and to quality. Plus, REfresh keeps a curated portfolio of high-quality materials that are in-stock, ready-to-ship, and appeal to today's buyers.

Traditional Home Improvement

Cash or credit required up front for all work

Pay for all pre-sale updates at closing

Vet, hire, and manage the entire project yourself


Pay for all pre-sale updates at closing

Make smart, profit driven updates that get your house sold quickly and for top dollar

You get a dedicated team taking care of every moving piece from start to finish

Selling As-Is

Risk selling below comps and not getting top dollar

Eliminate vast pool of buyers and risk low-ball offers

Let a flipper buy your home and turn it into a huge profit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What projects can I use REfresh for?
If the home is being sold and is represented by a real estate agent, REfresh will tackle any work necessary to get the home sold faster and for more, with no minimums or maximums tied to our pay-at-closing model.

What happens if the house doesn't sell?
REfresh waits to get paid for the work for one year from project start. In the unlikely event that the home stays listed for more than a year, the homeowners can either pay REfresh for the amount due or pay a small, monthly admin fee to extend the payment deadline.

How does 'pay when you sell' work?
100% of all project costs is deferred until the home sells with no upfront deposits, progress payments, fees, interest charges, or credit checks. REfresh is paid at the closing table!

Are there any fees, interest charges, income requirements,
No. There are no additional fees, interest charges, income requirements, or credit checks, and we require no money until the home sells. We aren't paid until closing. And, no project minimums means we work on any size project! credit checks, or project minimums in order to use REfresh?

Who are the REfresh staff involved in a project?
Your agents and homeowners will work with a Home Improvement Consultant (HIC) and a Project Manager. Together with your agent and owners, the HIC determines the scope of work, provides an estimate, and outlines project pricing. Once the project begins, the Project Manager becomes the on-site contact. REfresh project managers are all full-time employees who live and work in your city.

Can sellers be involved in the process?
Yes, homeowners and agents can be as 'hands-on' or 'hands-off' as they would like throughout the entire process from determining the scope to selecting materials and finishes!

Is there a project minimum or maximum?
No, there are no project minimums or maximums! You can use REfresh for small items like minor handyman repairs to whole-home remodels.

How does REfresh make money?
REfresh makes money just like a traditional general contractor. REfresh gets paid solely for the work they complete, at the price agreed upon before the project kicks off, with no additional charges or hidden fees.

What materials does REfresh use?
REfresh uses high-quality materials that today’s home buyers love, and therefore get houses sold quickly and for more. REfresh has an expert team of design professionals that continually curate a catalogue of the most popular and current home improvement materials. The catalogue has sets of materials to meet the needs of homes with varying price-points and regional design trends.

How does REfresh source and vet subcontractors?
REfresh only works with licensed and insured contractors and tradespeople. Our Project Managers are full-time, W2 employees and our contractors and tradespeople are heavily vetted and trained by REfresh for professionalism and quality.

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